The Gopher Tortoise Council (GTC) recognizes individuals for their service to the Council and for their accomplishments and efforts in conserving the gopher tortoise, commensals, and upland ecosystems. We thank everyone for their continued efforts and dedication.

Auffenberg and Franz Conservation Award

Presented to individuals with lifetime accomplishments, and organizations with long-term efforts in conserving gopher tortoises and upland ecosystems.
Year Recipient
2018 Rick McCann
2015 Joseph Jones Ecological Research Center
2014 Craig Guyer
2012 Eddie Herrmann
2009 Tom Kaplan and Orianne Recanati-Kaplan
2006 MC Davis
2004 Bob Mount
2004 Dan Speake
2003 Walter Auffenberg
2003 Dick Franz

Lifetime Service

Presented to those who have devoted a lifetime to service of the Council.
Year Recipient
2015 Lora Smith
2001 George L. Heinrich
2001 Joan Berish

Distinguished Service

Presented to those who have consistently offered years of service to the Council.
Year Recipient
2018 Deb Burr
2018 Keri (Landry) Lejeune
2015 Connie Henderson
2014 John Jensen
2014 Tom Mann
2014 Terry Norton
2012 Bill Knox
2011 Don Stillwaugh
2005 Cyndi Gates
2005 George Heinrich
2005 Thomas O’Neil Estes
2004 Karan Bailey
2004 Steve DeCresie
2003 Colleen Heise
2002 Lora Smith
2001 Karl R. Studenroth, Jr.
2001 Matt Dinkins
1998 Liz Barker
1996 George L. Heinrich
1996 Jennifer McMurtray
1990 C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr.
1990 Suzanne Wahlquist
1990 Wally Wahlquist
1988 Joan Berish

Special Project(s)

Presented to those who have taken the lead or played a major role in special GTC projects.
Year Recipient
2016 Dan Quinn
2015 Jen Howze
2015 Beth Schlimm
2007 Donna J. Heinrich
2006 David Steen
2001 Mark Bailey
2001 Laura Wewerka

Conservation Education Award

Given to individuals who have contributed to significant education and outreach activities relevant to conservation of tortoises and upland habitats.
Year Recipient
2018 Edie Driest
2016 Carissa Kent
2014 Laura Jewell
2014 Dirk Stevenson
2011 Pat Ashton
2011 Bob Walker
2005 Ray Ashton
2003 Nancy Deyrup

Annual Meeting Student Award

Year Award Recipient Institution
2018 Presentation 1st place Ivana Lezcano FL Gulf Coast Univ.
2018 Presentation 2nd place Rebecca McKee UGA
2018 Presentation 3rd place Thomas Prebyl UGA
2017 Presentation 1st place Nicole White UGA
2017 Presentation 2nd place Tom Radzio Drexel University
2017 Presentation 3rd place Tom Prebyl UGA
2016 Presentation 1st place Rhett Rautsaw Towson University
2016 Presentation 2nd place K. Nicole White UGA
2016 Presentation 3rd place Tessie Offner UF
2012 Presentation 1st place Mark Margres FSU
2012 Presentation 2nd place Kim Sonderman UGA
2012 Presentation 3rd place Jess McGuire UGA
2012 Poster Bess Harris UGA
2012 Travel Award Angie Getz USM
2012 Travel Award Josh Scholl FAU

Bob Herrington Travel Award

Year Recipient Institution
2018 Heather Gaya UGA
2018 Caitlin Jones FSU
2017 Tom Radzio Drexel University
2017 Heather Gaya UGA
2016 David Lucien FAU
2016 Carolyn Reiland-Smith FAU