"Living with Gopher Tortoises" (pdf)


"The Gopher Tortoise – A Species in Decline" (ppt)

Kids Corner:

"Gopher Tracks" (pdf)

A book that introduces gopher tortoise ecology, upland habitats, the role of fire, and environmental stewardship through the adventures of two girls. It is written at a fourth-grade reading level.

"The Gopher Tortoise" (pdf)

An activity book describing the role gopher tortoises play as a keystone species and what you can do to help conserve the tortoise and its habitat.

"At Home with the Gopher Tortoise"

"At Home with the Gopher Tortoise: The Story of a Keystone Species" teaches young readers about the gopher tortoise and the more than 360 different kinds of animals that depend on it for survival.

"Freshwater Turtle Adventure Activity Book" (pdf)

An activity book that features freshwater turtles of the Southeast.

Coloring Pages

Gopher Frog (pdf)

Gopher Tortoise (pdf)

Eastern Diamondback (pdf)

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